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A flash counter is one of the latest types of webpage counter. Just like a java counter, it is dependant on whether or not a Flash Media player is installed in one' computer or PDA for it counter to work properly.

In terms of layout and design, flash counters are more dynamic. Animated flash images have a smooth flow motion and a much better display compared to animated .gif files. which you can commonly see in image counters.

Others may say that other webpage counters tend too be slow. Flash counters are actually faster than ordinary image counters in terms of displaying your current visitor's hits in real time.

There are basically two types of flash counter. The first one is a simple webpage counter that shows an increment after a page has been refreshed. The other type of flash counter has an automatic refresh system that is set for a specific period of time.

The effects of a flash counter are endless. You can change the font colors, sizes and styles according to your wish. You can also edit the counter's number alignment. You can change how the number of hits would appear in your flash counter and manipulate the delay setting of your counter's flash effects. Adding a customizable background image would not pose any problem at all.



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