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What is Website Statistics ?

Just like in any other business or endeavor- information is the key to success; you need to know all the important information about your business so that you can make informed decisions.

Having all the important information at your fingertips will save you the trouble of changing something that’s actually good for your business and keeping something that’s dragging your business down, put simply with brick and mortar businesses, it can be pretty easy to monitor what marketing schemes work and what marketing pitfalls you should avoid. It is not as easy with on-line businesses or websites. Because everything is online and virtual, you wouldn’t know from which sources your visitors came from!

Unless of course you use software and tools to gather website statistics. Website statistics are important measures of website success and are great tools for improving and proving the performance of websites. Website statistics are measurements of key components of a website including the number of visitors to your site, which pages they visited first, what links generated the most number of visits, which keywords directed readers to your site, and other important information. 

Blogs and personal websites usually do not require the use of professional counters but big company websites and e-commerce sites do. Professional counters will give webmasters even more detailed and important information that they could use to run their sites. 

Some statistics that are important for professional web masters are:

  1. Time spent on each page
  2. Search engine ranking
  3. Visit frequency
  4. Time spent on the website and others. 
These information can be used to update and manage the website so that it gets better search engine rankings, get better incoming links and more visitors.

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