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If you want a new counter you should Go Here.

If you have a counter that you have created on or after May 20th 2007 log on here.

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If you still have an original account with us That was created before May 20th 2007 we have provided a facility for you to log on directly to your account below!

  1. To logon to your account simply type in your counter name below this will automatically take you to your designated counter server;
  2. Gaining access to your account you first must ensure the counter is on your page and working!
  3. Additionally; you must have selected statistics and/or the password function on your account when you initially signed up for the tracker.
  4. You will not need a password if you have never selected one!

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 Alternatively select your statistics server here Statistics 5 6 7 8
Check Server Status and/or pending updates here Statistics 5 6 7 8



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