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How important are Website Statistics?

Server statistics are just as important as great content because they provide great insight on what works for your website.

Without server statistics, a webmaster will not understand how traffic is directed to his site.  Remember, you may have the best-looking website with the most valid information and professionally-written content on the Internet but unless readers find your site, no one will benefit from whatever information you put up on it.  good statistical software will let you know which links drive the most traffic to your site, which phrases or keywords led readers to your website, what page gets the most hits and the amount of traffic originating from search engines. 

These pieces of information will allow you to make improvements to your website so that you can effectively get targeted traffic. The software should help you make informed and valid decisions when updating and tweaking your site. 

Using such softwares make the job of the webmaster easier.  For one, you no longer need to do random searches on search engines, the software should give you the top keywords that lead traffic to your pages.  It will also help you narrow your list of websites you can request links from.  Although link building is an important aspect of search engine optimization, some links weigh more heavily with search engines than others.

It is important to get links from good websites that are somewhat related to your content.  Good link should direct targeted traffic to your site.  Sometimes it only takes a few minor changes to get more traffic to your site, you just need to know which changes you need to make.  This is why website statistics are so important.


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