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There are many website counters available especially free counters.  These free counters are hosted remotely by companies offering the services.

All web designers even those whose websites have no commercial value usually use counters and trackers to measure website performance. Website counters give them an idea how well their website is doing and what changes they can make to improve their website’s performance.

It helps them make good websites that people easily find and come back to. A lot of times, for web designers it’s not even about the commercial viability of their websites but the idea that people come to visit their site for the content and the design.

Of course it doesn’t hurt that counters and trackers also help make a website commercially successful if the webmasters make good use of the statistics that these tools provide. 

Website statistics are just that, they’re just numbers and data, all the improvements still need to be done by the webmaster.

For bloggers or those running non-professional sites, it is still good to use some sort of free counter or tracker so that you know if your website is being read. 

Knowing even just the simplest information such as page views and number of visitors should already tell you if you need to promote your website or if you need to improve your website content. 

Free trackers usually require you to include an HTML code to your site and will require you to log on to your free account to access reports.  Free counters also have very limited features.


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