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Under BETA Test?

Program Testing Periods
When we create a new section to the program it has to go through a pretty rigorous testing period, in the case of statistics this can go on for a few days/weeks or even months whilst we test each facet of the statistic to make absolutely sure it's both accurate and perfect, you may see some strange results appear during this time too! Please do not be concerned it will NOT go on forever indeed if you have been directed to this notice and it concerns you to any great depth my suggestion would be don't go in to that statistic until all is safe!

Why not display it when it's finished?
As in most things Theory is fine but in practice is another matter! We additionally want you to see the statistic (if you are brave enough) and hopefully tell us what you think? If you think something can be improved or have a comment that could benefit everyone, the best time for input is when we are concentrating on the matter, in saying that most of the new programs are adaptable and actually learn so always tell me if you have a gripe;~)

We always create backups of server statistics, however; any new additions "to that section" (until out of Beta) will not be saved until they are producing satisfactory results, if you like the new statistic and/or that part of the program please create your own backups by printing off or saving the page, there are no guarantees whilst a section is under beta test.

Because of inconvenience (if any) there is usually full access given to a section that is under Beta Test, you should be aware that dependant on the statistic full access may or may not be available after testing is over, this all depends on the resources a particular statistic and/or section of the program requires where applicable this usually has a limit to the top 10 or 20 results for FREE! some may also be all included for FREE.

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